sexta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2006


(Da série: Diálogos Preferidos)
Chico: Villages like this they make up a song about every big thing that happens. Sing them for years.
Chris Adams: You think it's worth it?
Chico: Don't you?
Chris Adams: It's only a matter of knowing how to shoot a gun. Nothing big about that.
Chico: Hey. How can you talk like this? Your gun has got you everything you have. Isn't that true? Hmm? Well, isn't that true?
Vin: Yeah, sure. Everything. After awhile you can call bartenders and faro dealers by their first name - maybe two hundred of 'em! Rented rooms you live in - five hundred! Meals you eat in hash houses - a thousand! Home - none! Wife - none! Kids... none! Prospects - zero. Suppose I left anything out?
Chris Adams: Yeah. Places you're tied down to - none. People with a hold on you - none. Men you step aside for - none.
Lee: Insults swallowed - none. Enemies - none.
Chris Adams: No enemies?
Lee: Alive.
Chico: Well. This is the kind of arithmetic I like.
Chris Adams: Yeah. So did I at your age.
* Horst Buchholz (Chico), Youl Breynner(Chris), Steve McQueen (Vin) e Robert Vaughn (Lee) em Os Sete Magníficos (1960).
Repeti a cena deste diálogo nem sei quantas vezes. As expressões de Chris e Vin...a entoação de Lee naquele "alive"...e principalmente toda a descontrução desse personagem tão simbólico que é o cowboy americano.

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